The Installation Precautions of Dry-Mixed Mortar Manufacturing Equipment

After buying dry mortar equipment, the most important step for customers is to install it safely and efficiently. However, what issues we need to pay attention to before installing? After discussing with our professional technician, we want to introduce the brief installation precautions of dry mortar plants through specific details.

dry-mixed mortar manufacturing equipment price

  1. Before installation, users should prepare all the tools and wrenches that are needed in the installation process.
  2. More all the debris, dirt and water existed in the site out before installing the equipment.
  3. Check whether there is a lifting arm in the lifting machine that are used to life the plant or not, if not, they should take some efficient measures. Besides that, users should prepare enough cloth belt and wire rope previously, which are needed in the lifting process. No one is allowed to stand behind the lifting machine in the installing process.
  4. Observe the lifting environment of the site, and the lifting height of dry mortar plants must be over two meters. There should have no obstacles existed in the related places.
  5. The lifting equipment must be operated by experienced operators, which can shorten the installation time and ensure safety.

If you want to get a reliable dry mortar plant, our machine can be your best choice. Welcome to visit our website to get a free quote or further information at any time.

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