The Daily Cleaning and Maintenance of Dry Mortar Production Line

Generally speaking, it is very important to undergo daily cleaning and maintenance for most of construction devices, which can greatly enhance its performance and extend its service life. How much do you know about the daily cleaning and maintenance of the small dry mix mortar plant? Let’s discuss it together.

For most of dry mix mortar plants, timely cleaning of the equipment can largely avoid the blocking of the machine and the sticking of materials onto the inner or outer side of the device, which can affect the normal operation of the equipment and affect the overall appearance of the machine. Daily maintenance can timely detect the operation failures of the equipment and keep the device in best operation state. In general, users should undergo the following steps to enhance the performance of their equipment.

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  1. Operators should inspect the operation state of the motor, reducer and spiral, and they should specifically focus more on the operation sound and temperature of the device.
  2. Inspect the lubrication oil of all parts of the equipment, and users should add enough lubrication oil to the device timely.
  3. Timely clean the host and remove the debris and mixtures out.
  4. After a day of production, users should undergo thorough cleaning of the equipment.

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