The Brief Introduction of Tower Type Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

Tower type dry mortar production line is a common mortar equipment in modern construction projects, which stores materials in the top place of the machine, and the measurement, mixing, storage and packaging of mortar are carried out from top to bottom.

The biggest feature of this type of mortar plant is the smooth flow of materials, compact structure and relatively small footprint. The configuration of the tower type dry mortar production line includes sand drying system, vibration screen, material storage, weighting system, mixing system, packing machine, bulk, dust collection system and automatic control system. In addition to the drying and bulk storage silo, the other device adopt vertical stacking arrangement, and the height is generally more than 30 meters. Due to the high height of raw material storage and large proportion of steel structure, it has relatively large investment and original cost.

tower type dry mortar production line sale

The characteristics of tower type dry mortar mix plant:

  1. It has simple operation process, smooth working and short cycle.
  2. Tower type mortar plant has simple layout, small occupancy, reasonable structure and good production performance.
  3. This type of mortar plant has good appearance and spectacular sight, which highlights the strength of the company.

By now, our dry mix mortar plants for sale have been exported to lots of countries, and please let us know by contacting us if you have any purchase demand. We will try our best to satisfy your demand with favorable prices and good quality.

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