How to Select and Buy an Excellent Dry Mortar Production Line?

Dry mortar production line is a set of machine that is used to produce dry mortar for construction industry and other usages, which is widely used in production process of regular dry masonry mortar, plastering mortar, thermal mortar, anti-crack mortar, self-leveling mortar, decorative mortar and other mortars. Do you know how to select and buy an excellent dry mortar production line? Today, Beihai Machinery will introduce it to our global users from five aspects.

Beihai dry mortar mixing plant

  1. Whether it has reasonable and compact structure. Dry mortar production line is mainly composed of raw material tank, weighing system, conveying equipment, dry mortar mixer, packaging equipment, dust removal equipment and other parts. Dry mixed mortar production line with reasonable and compact structure can effectively save the equipment resources and site resources.
  2. Whether it has accurate measurement of various raw materials. Dry mortar mainly includes insulation mortar, bond mortar and other mortars. Although formulations of all kinds of mortar are not the same, they are made of a variety of raw materials after mixing. Accurate measurement has a directly impact on the good quality of dry mortar mixtures.
  3. Whether it has uniform mixing. The host of dry-mixed mortar production line is the double-axis blade of gravity mixer, which can realize an uniform mixing of different materials in a short time. Uniform mixing can greatly improve the efficiency of dry mortar production line.
  4. Whether dust removal effect is compliance. In concrete mixer, powder particles can achieve zero emissions and effective recycling after removing dust, and dust emission standards should meet or exceed the national environmental rating standards. A compliance dust removal effect can protect environment and save costs.
  5. Whether it has continuous production. In general, a set of good dry mortar production line should has superior performance and continuous production. A set of dry mortar production line is a set of machine to finish the whole production process. Continuous production can ensure the overall productivity of the dry mortar production line.
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