The Harm Bought by Untimely Cleaning of Dry Mortar Mixing Plant after Operation

In recent years, dry mortar equipment has got increased application after the continuous promotion of local governments. With the increasing demand for dry mortar at each construction site, dry mortar mixing plant is required to work easily in harsh environments to meet the demands for mortar for each project.

However, many dry mortar equipment operators did not promptly clean up the residual mortars within the equipment at the end of the working, which results in the hard starting of the plant next time due to overloading, and it may cause harm to the machine or operators. It is really necessary to clean the equipment after production to protect the plant and avoid losses. Then, what are the harms in actual practice?

beihai dry mortar equipment

First, if the left mortar in the dry mortar equipment is not completed cleaned after working, it will cause certain erosion to the small dry mix mortar plant, which results in a too short equipment service life.

Second, the untimely cleaning of debris in the equipment will cause that the mortar may freeze in the mixing cylinder of equipment, and it will cause certain pressure in the next starting.

Third, if not timely cleaning the dry mortar equipment, the mortar within the equipment may cake, which results in the later difficult maintenance phenomenon.

With the increasingly important position of dry powder mortar equipment in China’s construction industry, it is wise to clean up the equipment in time after using, which not only can extend the service life of equipment, but also reduce the equipment failure phenomenon in the latter working so as to ensure safe and efficient production of equipment to achieve the smooth development of the project.

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