Dry Mortar Mixer

Dry mortar mixer is an efficient mixing machine, which is especially suitable for the mixing of many kinds of dry powder and fine granular materials, such as putty powder, gypsum, dry powder mortar, colorful cement, chemical materials, and organic fertilizer.  Dry pack mortar mixer can not only work independently to produce various mortars, but also it is a key component of a complete set of dry mortar production equipment. When in operation, the materials rotate around the opposite direction and repeat the cycle continuously, which will mix materials quickly and thoroughly. Generally speaking, dry mix mortar mixer can be divided into dry mortar colter mixer, agravic twin-shaft paddle mortar mixer and horizontal single shaft screw mortar mixer. Dry mortar mixers adopt horizontal cylinder, and the inner and outer spiral belts have unique structure, which can greatly reduce abrasion, improving mixing quality and speed. In addition, dry pack mortar mixers have stable performance, reliable quality, low working noise, wide application, long service life, easy operation and maintenance, which has made great progress in recent years.

Dry Mortar Colter Mixer

dry mortar colter mixers
Dry Mortar Colter Mixer

Dry Mortar Colter Mixer Specifications:

Model Production Capacity Power  Shaft Rotation Speed Size  Materials
 (T/H) (kw)  (R/Min) (LxWxH)(mm)
LDH-1.0 8~10 11 100 2700 x 1584x 1756 Colter Materials:   High Chrome Alloy
LDH-2.0 10~20 18.5 100 3300 x 1584 x 1756 Blending Strength >600MM2
LDH-3.0 20~30 45 100 3900 x 1700 x 2200 Hardness >HRC58
LDH-4.0 30~40 55 100 4800 x 1700 x 2200 Anti-Impact Value >5N.m/cm2

Features and Advantages:

  1. Our machine is equipped with AIRTAC cylinder, which can ensure the smooth operation of the machine and prolong its service life.
  2. The special design of the discharging door makes the discharging of materials completely and without residue.
  3. The equipment has short blending time, high mixing speed, quality, uniformity and efficiency.
  4. Our products have wide application, which can be used to produce various kinds of mortars and power materials.

Agravic Twin-shaft Paddle Mortar Mixer

agravic twin-shaft paddle mortar mixer
agravic twin-shaft paddle dry mortar mixer

Agravic Twin-shaft Paddle Mortar Mixer Specifications:

Model Production Capacity  Power  Size  Weight 
(T/H) (kw) (L x W x H) (mm) (T)
WSH-1.0 5~8 11 2111x1818x1442 4
WSH-2.0 10~15 18.5 2405x2200x1600 8
WSH-3.0 15~25 22 2505x2400x1700 12
WSH-4.0 25~30 45 2860x2710x2300 15
WSH-6.0 45~50 55 3365x2886x2235 22

Horizontal Single Shaft Screw Mortar Mixer

horizontal spiral mortar mixers
horizontal spiral mortar mixer

Horizontal Single Shaft Screw Mortar Mixer Specifications:

Model Production Capacity Power
(T/H) (kw)
HJJ300 0.6~0.9 2.2
HJJ500 1.0~1.5 5.5
HJJ1000 2.0~3.0 7.5
HJJ2000 3~4 11
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