Characteristics of Dry Mortar Produced By Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry mortar is a granular or powder that is mixed according to a certain percentage, and these materials include aggregate, cement and additives. Dry mortar can be transported to the site in the form of bags or bulk, which can be mixed directly with water. Dry mortar produced by our dry-mixed mortar production line is widely applied in the construction and decoration engineering. Compared with the preparation of mortar in construction site, and dry mortar has the following characteristics:

Firstly, dry mortar has strong adaptability to new materials of wall decoration, which is beneficial to the popularization and application of new materials of wall. Dry mortar is stable and reliable, which solves the problems of the different mixing ratios of mortar traditional process to affect the quality, and the measurement is accurate, and quality is reliable.

china dry mortar manufacturing plants

Secondly, dry mortar produced by dry mix mortar plantĀ can save lots of labor, improve its quality and shorten the period of the project. Different mortars have different requirements for anti-shrinkage, crack resistance, insulation, moisture and other properties of materials, so these properties need to be formulated strictly according to scientific formula, and only production process of dry powder mortar can meet this requirement.

At last, dry mortar can be divided into masonry mortar, plaster mortar and floor mortar with various needs of construction. According to the needs of different users, the packaging of dry mortar can be divided into 5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg and so on. Dry mortar can be used at any time, which is easy finished by adding water and mixing, and the remaining dry powder is retained for use and it has a shelf life of 3 months. Even after 6 months, the intensity of dry mortar did not change significantly.

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