The Brief Description of Tower Type Dry Mortar Production Line

The tower type dry mortar production line is also known as the one-step mortar production line with all raw materials stored in the top of the line, and the measurement, mixing, finished product storage and packaging are completed from top to bottom.

The most important feature of this form of mortar plant is the smooth flow of materials, which has relatively small footprint. The material storage is designed at the top of the dry mix mortar plant, and the dry powder material is put into the silo through the pneumatic conveying while the granular material is put into the warehouse through the bucket elevator.

tower type dry mixed mortar production line

In the bottom, the material storage in the storage tank is transferred into the measurement bucket with a screw conveyor, and then they are put into the mixer for mixing. After that, the finished mortar is put into the overtake bucket and then be put into the packaging or bulk packaging system separately. The bulk powder can be directly put into the bulk truck, or one can raise it to the finished product storage once again and then transport it to the needed place later. Also, the finished mortar can be put into the packaging system and pack it into bags.

The main configuration of tower type dry mortar production line includes sand dryer, screening system, storage warehouse, metering system, mixing system, packaging system, dust collection and automatic control system. The whole equipment basically adopts vertical superposition layout, and the height is generally more than 30 meters.

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