A brief introduction of dry mortar production line

Dry mortar production line equipment consists of hoister, premixed warehouses, small silos, mixers, finished products warehouse, packaging machines, dust wiper, electric control cabinet, gas phase equilibrium system.

A large proportion of cement and other raw materials can be metered through the hoister by manually entering the premixed warehouse, cellulose and other small-scale precious masterbatch additives can be put into the hopper by electronic measurement scale. Compared with the simple dry mortar production line, it has made more progress. Because after the mixer mixed, automatic measurement package through valve pocket packing machine or open pocket packaging machine.

Dry mortar production line is divided into simple type, semi automatic type and fully automatic type.

dry mortar mixing production plant

Simple type is mainly composed of null gravity mixer , dry powder hopper, packing screw etc.The production line has yield faster results and bigger economic returns and call for smaller investment, the labor consumption is particularly large, Working environment with high dust content, suitable for the initial purchase of investment.

Semi-automatic is mainly composed of null gravity mixer(with the milling cutter), finished products warehouse, packaging machines, bucket elevator, ready mixed warehouse, dust wiper, air press system, control systems etc. This production line investment larger than the simple type, but with high yield, good working environment, and has good sensibility, it is suitable for most investors to buy.

Automatic type is consist of efficient hybrid systems, material storage systems, conveying systems, hoisting system, weighing systems, ready mixed systems, packaging systems, dedusting system , material level control system , alarm systems, air pressure systems, machine control systems etc. In addition, in the scarce commodity area, also can be equipped with crushing system, screening systems, drying systems. The production line has large investment, one-step, high investment risk and high reward, suitable for building a good foundation wall insulation in medium-sized cities.

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